Rollercoin Update 2020

So almost year has passed by since I wrote a post about Rollercoin. If you have not read it yet, you definitely should check it out RollerCoin game review – Overview, strategy, and tips.

Rollercoin has changed a lot during this time and big improvements have been made in-game. Some of them are good and some of them are not so good. I can’t say that those not so good changes are strictly bad, but in my opinion,  they are not so honest towards users.

In this post, I will go through what those changes are, and we will see how good or bad are they for the user who wants to earn cryptos by playing that game. I am sure you will get insights about the game after reading this post. And you will find payment proof at the end that was missing from my first post.

So let’s see how the Rollercoin has changed.

Games and interface

The game interface has changed quite a bit and not in a good way. If you have read my previous post about Rollercoin, then you understand what I am talking about. For those who haven’t read it, I will explain what I mean by that.

Rollercoin games 2020

Unfortunately, now you can’t compare the games anymore and that’s sad. You can think “Why I want to compare the games?”. Every game in Rollercoin has a different time to complete the level and different reward minimum. For knowing which game has max time to complete and the highest reward, you now need to play every game at least 1 time to know that. Luckily for you, I have done that, and you can find details for each game from the table below.

GameTime to complete the levelLevel rewards
Coinclick0:40 minute600 points
Token Blaster0:40 minute700 points
Flappy Rocket0:40 minute700 points
Crypto Hamster0:40 minute700 points
Cryptonoid0:55 minute900 points
Coin Flip1:00 minute900 points
2048 Coins1:00 minute800 points
Dr Hamster1:00 minute800 points
Coinmatch1:10 minute700 points

As you can see some games differ quite a lot from others by time and reward points. For example, Coinmatch has the same level rewards as Token Blaster, Flappy Rocker, and Crypto Hamster,- but the time required to complete the level is 30 seconds bigger.

It’s important to know that these points (after the game is played) are converted to Gh/s and added to you your personal mining power. These points are the minimum that you must achieve to advance to the next level.

All the games are totally different. Some of them are suited for humans who have a strong visual memory, some of the games are suited for people who have good reactions. I would suggest you try out all the games to find the right one for you.


Additionally to Bitcoin mining, Rollercoin now has an option to mine Ethereum and Dogecoin. This is one major and positive improvement. At the present moment, the only use case for Ethereum and Dogecoin is that you can buy RLT Tokens with them. Withdrawals for Dogecoin and Ethereum isn’t possible yet.

How to mine Ethereum and Dogecoin

To start mining Ethereum or Dogecoin simply change your mining power settings as seen in the picture below.

Change mining settings

After that, you can split your mining power between coins you want, or you can have 100% mining power on 1 coin of your choice.

Split mining power

One thing to remember is that you can change mining settings once in 12 hours.


Rollercoin miners play an important role in the game. They are the source of passive income when you are idle. Compared to last year’s miner choices, now there are 3 extremely powerful ones that give lots of mining power compared to the old ones. And most importantly,- they are cheaper than the old ones. Take a look at the table below to compare miners.

Note: I have listed miners in the table from most to less powerful.

NameSpacePowerPricePrice in BTC
Dream Demolisher 30002 cells70 000 Gh/s110 RLT0.00220000
Rollerfury D82 cells19 300 Gh/s117 400 sat0.00117400
Dragonroller 16T2 cells16 000 Gh/s82 100 sat0.00082100
Gold Digger1 cell15 000 Gh/s24 RLT0.00048000
Roller Miner S92 cells14 500 Gh/s70 440 sat0.00070400
Scarabey1 cell8000 Gh/s16 RLT0.00032000
Roller Miner 7611 cell6500 Gh/s29350 sat0.00029350
Rollerminer R41 cell6000 Gh/s25828 sat0.00025828
Roller Miner S5+1 cell4000 Gh/s18 748 sat0.00018748
Rolleron 7411 cell2730 Gh/s15 262 sat0.00015262
Rollerminer S71 cell1320 Gh/s5970 sat0.00005970
Roller Miner S41 cell1160 Gh/s4696 sat0.00004696

So let’s take a closer look at the new miner named “Gold Digger”. As you can see from the table its price is 24 RLT (48 000 satoshis) and it has 15 000 Gh/s mining power. The price itself is already cheaper than the miner below (Roller Miner S9) and it has +500 Gh/s more mining power. It’s no brainer that this one is a proper choice if you plan to buy a miner.


One new feature is Rooms. For simple users like me, it’s not so important new feature, because I will not plan heavily invest in this game. But for people who have spare and free money, the room feature can be quite handy.

In fact, most of TOP ranked Rollercoin players have  3+ rooms and fully loaded with Dream Demolisher 3000 miners. You can check them out

RLT Token

Roller token (RLT) is the secret sauce for this game. It is a virtual in-game currency and the cornerstone of the game. RLT is minable and you can do lots of things with it,- just a few examples are like you need RLT to buy new and powerful miners and unlock additional rooms.

Currently, you can buy RLT only on the Rollercoin website and the minimum amount is 100 RLT what you can buy. The price of 100 RLT is 0.002 BTC.

The maximum amount is 50 000 and its price is 1 BTC.

How to upgrade a computer?

Lots of people get confused when it comes to upgrading your computer. So let me explain how it works. The only way how to upgrade your computer is by playing games and win.

– After 20 wins your computer will be upgraded to RC7823 and it lasts 72 hours

-After 50 wins your computer will be upgraded to Rollercoin Predator 3000 which lasts 120 hours

Note: Upgraded computer will remain if you play and win at least 1 game in 24 hours.


I got a few tips for new players or already registered ones.

Mine coins that have the least Network Power. The less the miner competition, the bigger the block reward.

Take a closer look at the miner’s table and you will see the value of the  “Gold Digger” miner

Payment proof

In my first post about Rollercoin, I didn’t have any payment proof then. But now the time has passed by and I can confirm that Rollercoin is totally legit thing.

I received my withdrawal after 6 hours. Check the screenshots below.

Rollercoin withdrawal
Rollercoin withdrawal received

Opinion about Rollercoin changes

I must admit, that I was wrong on my first post about Rollercoin. Now this game/faucet is for a sure top of my faucet list. Ofc some of those changes are a little bit off, but if we compare Rollercoin to other faucets,- then Rollercoin has an edge over them for sure.

Rollercoin has done well with development and I hope there will be lots more. Traditional faucets, where you have to click every 1 to 5 minutes can be quite boring and time-consuming. By creating a virtual mining world is definitely a better approach than just sit and bluntly click on the button.