RollerCoin game review – Overview, strategy, and tips.

What is RollerCoin?

RollerCoin is an online virtual bitcoin mining game. You earn real bitcoins by just simply playing games on their website. There are no offer walls, tasks to complete or ads to click like other bitcoin faucets. Nor can you gamble with your earned bitcoins.

According to their website, the mining game has made as closest to real bitcoin mining as possible. You can buy miners and racks from the shop to construct your mining rigs and grow your mining farm. There is even electricity involved, but with my mining power, I haven’t seen any cost to appear for electricity yet.

RollerCoin is relatively new and fresh. Bitcointalk thread was announced in February 2018 and since then it has grown massively. The vast majority of popularity has it gained this year March when the website visited users grow from 790 thousand to almost 3 million.


How RollerCoin works?

To start earning bitcoins, first, you need to get mining power. Mining power you get by playing games. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, mining power you get anyway. It’s important to remember that the mining power you get from games is only active 24H. With that mining power, you will be competing with other users/miners in a common pool for block rewards (satoshis). Currently, the block size is 3000 satoshis (though it was 2000 satoshis when I started in early April) and the block time is 5 minutes.


Currently they RollerCoin offers only to choose between 6 games. All they are different and the minimum mining power you get from wins varies from 600 to 700. Of course, it will increase with every level, the more you win the harder the game gets and the rewards increase. So you start at level 0 which gives you from 600 to 700 points, and at level 5 you get 849 points (GHs) from a win.


How much you can earn?

The minimum amount you can earn is 0.01 satoshi and that equals about 700 GHs. But, to start earning let’s say 1 satoshi per block, you need to have about 70 000 GHs. That’s quite a bit to archive. Let’s make some calculations of my current earnings. At the time of writing, I am earning 0.57 satoshis per block with my 52.054 THs (52 054 GHs) mining power. The total network mining power is 273.512 PHs.


Let’s say I want to increase my earnings to 1 satoshi per block.

Note: Your earnings keep changing all the time because the more/fewer users(miners) are in-game.

So back to our example. To archive 70k GHs mining power, I need to play around 90 games and win most of them. 90 games are the average of 700 to 1000 GHs mining power, which is 850 GHs. 1 game lasts 50 seconds, so to complete 90 games takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes.

That’s not so impossible task to do, considering that after completing it you will have passive income for a minimum of 24 hours. So, for an hour and a half effort, you will be having a passive income of 288 satoshis for 24 hours.

This is the minimum amount that you will get. From time to time, you will be awarded an upgraded computer, which increases your mining power and it last from 72 to 120 hours. The only thing you need to do to maintain the supercomputer is to play and win at least 1 game in 24 hours.

Obviously, you increase your earnings when you buy miners from the store. The prices start from 4696 satoshis and go up as 117 400 satoshis. The cheapest miner will increase your mining power by 1160 GHs which isn’t much. You will be earning with that miner around 0.02 satoshis per block (5.75 satoshis a day).

Game strategy and tips

It’s obvious that the more mining power you have, the more bitcoins you will get from the block. I have bought 6 miners just to test out how this thing works, and they cost me about 30 000 satoshis. As you can see on the screenshot below, my mining power gives me only 0.18 satoshis per block with those 6 miners.


I would not suggest you invest in miners and I will tell you why. Let’s say you buy the cheapest miner which cost you 4696 satoshis. It will take 815 days before that miner earns back the money you invested in it. Here is a simple calculation to prove that:

-Miner cost 4696 satoshis

-24-hour income would be 5.76 satoshis (0.02 sat per block X 12 blocks per hour X 24 hours)

-4696 : 5.76 = 815.27 days

There will cost of electricity for sure in the near future. This feature is currently under development and not active. With the cost of electricity, those days increase even more!

Don’t make that mistake. It’s a lot easier to build up your mining power by playing games and you will be earning much more without investment.

What about hacks, scripts, and bots?

Those things are forbidden like anywhere else. Even if there is some script, hack or bot, using it will get your account banned.

Do I have any payment proof?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of them yet. I have deposited there 3 times over 10 000 satoshis from my other source of passive bitcoin mining but haven’t reached yet the minimum amount for withdrawal. But I can provide you deposit proofs, which you can validate.


Final words. Is RollerCoin scam or legit?

It’s really hard to say that yet as I haven’t withdrawn any earnings from there. At first, I was quite impressed with the idea of the game, but now I’m not so excited about it anymore. It seems legit, but the earnings are way out of balance in my opinion. Seems like it’s more killing time style game. Plus, it requires a lot of investments to start earning some bitcoins. Even traditional faucets give you more bitcoins than this game. A good example is Coinpot, you can earn much more with Coinpot 5 faucets than only this one. If you are interested in how much you can earn with Coinpot make sure you read my post about Coinpot tokens explained.