reward points collecting strategy

Today I share with you simple and easy to use the strategy on how to earn faster Bitcoins at faucet. First, let’s make things clear, it’s not a hack. It’s a completely legit and working strategy. It can take some time at the start, but after about 1-2 weeks you will be earning a decent amount of bitcoins every claim. I have personally done that and so can you.

What are reward points and how to get them?

Reward points are bonus tokens what you earn by doing the activity on their website. There are 4 ways to earn reward points:

  • Making faucet claim.
    Every time you make a claim, you will get 1 reward point.
  • Play multiplier game.
    1 reward point for every 500 satoshi (0.0000500 BTC) you wager.
  • Bet on events.
    1 reward point for every 500 satoshi (0.0000500 BTC) you bet.
  • From referrals.
    1 reward point for every FREE BTC roll your referrals play.

Plus, almost at every weekend, is having a bonus campaign where you get from 2x to 4x reward points. These offers are very helpful to achieve goals faster, so make sure you don’t miss weekends if possible.

Reward points can be used for various thing. For example, you can convert them to bitcoins, lottery tickets, gift certificates (Amazon or Egifter) or exchange them to electronics from brands like iPhone and Samsung. There is also an option to buy hardware wallets with your reward points. I have also written an article Don’t buy stuff with reward points where I explain why you shouldn’t do that.

About the strategy

This strategy involves using reward points what we get and invest them to reward points bonuses. That way every time you make a claim, you get more and more reward points. For a strategy to work, only making faucet claims is needed and nothing else. To use this strategy you need to be online and active, making claims every hour.

Please remember that this strategy is not a passive way to earn bitcoins. You should spend a minimum of 13 hours a day to make it profitable. The more time you have, the faster the results will be. Anything less than 13 hours will not work, because with 12 hours you will only break even and there will be no progress. In case you don’t have that kind of time, then this strategy is not for you. If you prefer a more passive way, then I suggest you to read my article BEST trick how to earn fast in Cointiply.
This strategy suits for persons who work from home or work with computer and online.

Strategy explained

There are 5 stages in this strategy (see picture). Basically each stage are the same, only reward points amount changes. Its easy to follow.


Every stage takes from 2 to 5 days. It depends on which bonus offers are currently running. But usually the 2 days per stage is only possible if you make claims on weekends, then you can collect 2x-4x reward points. If you can make it take advantage of those offers, then your path will be faster and easier.

To make things easier to understand, I will guide you thru every stage. Explanation with calculations and pictures are also provided. For the sake of this example, I will be using 15 hour working day. So let’s dig in.

Strategy stages

Before you make your first claim, be sure to disable lottery tickets. That way we earn extra reward points and not those useless lottery tickets. Follow instructions on the picture below.


Stage 1

When you first sign up to you start with 0 reward points and you will be getting 4 reward points every claim. You need to make 3 claims, so you can activate 1 REWARD POINT/ROLL BONUS. After activation, you will be getting 5 reward points per claim. The bonus lasts 24h.

The rule of thumb to remember, is that You need to make at least 13 claims per day.

Stage 2

So now when you have accumulated 120 reward points, activate the 10 REWARD POINTS/ROLL BONUS and basically continue the same way as you did in Stage 1. When you have collected 300 reward points, proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3

At this stage, there is also nothing special. Activate the 25 REWARD POINTS/ROLL BONUS and just continue to do what you have done to collecting those reward points until you have enough to proceed to the next stage of the system. 600 reward points needed to proceed.

Stage 4

Now you start getting closer to the goal. By activating 50 REWARD POINTS/ROLL BONUS you can see how the rewards are flowing in. The most important thing is not to quit now. Even if you cant make claims every day or some day you collected less than required, no need to worry. The reward points will be there, and they don’t disappear. 1200 reward points needed for the last stage.

Stage 5

Congrats you have made it. Now you are getting 100 reward points per every claim you made. Now it’s important to remember not to spend your reward points right away on FREE BTC BONUS!

You need to REPEAT Stage 5 daily, so you can maintain the minimum 1200 reward point amount. So let’s say you have collected 1500 reward points one day. That means 1200 reward points go to next 100 REWARD POINTS/ROLL BONUS activation and 300 reward point you can spend.


So, with 300 reward points to spend, you can activate 50% BTC bonus. It’s up to you, on what do you want to spend it.

I have collected 385 satoshis with my 1000% FREE BTC BONUS. See picture below for proofs.


As you can see I have made 11 claims, that equals 0.00004235 BTC. I don’t actually have seen any bitcoin faucet that pays so much. Of course, there is only one, Cointiply, and it’s a more passive way.


Though this strategy needs from you little effort to put in, it can be nice income when you reach the final stage and maintain the reward points amount what is required for 100 REWARD POINTS/ROLL BONUS. That way you can easily take advantage of the free BTC bonus amounts.

Hopefully you find my article helpful and as always, if you have any questions feel free contact me.