Don’t play Coinpot multiplier game. It’s a sure way to lose all your bitcoins.

The honest answer is yes and no. It depends on a lot of factors like your luck, the time you spend playing, the token amount you have, etc. Yes, they can work over a short period of time. But they surely fail over the long run.

In this article, I will explain to you why is a bad idea to follow any system or strategy related to Coinpot multiplier game.


1. Introduction

YouTube has a lot of videos about different Coinpot multiplier strategies or so-called “tricks”. These strategies promise you a 100% guaranteed profit and the comment section is full of positive comment from happy testers. So, I decided to write an article with a clear explanation about these systems and why all those tricks won’t work. Let’s find out.

2. Coinpot token multiplier game

The game is simple and it has 2 ways to win. You can bet on outcome low, which is numbers from 0 to 499. Or you can choose to bet on high numbers, which are 500 to 999. As you see it has a 50 percent chance of a low outcome and 50 percent a chance of high outcome. You can also choose between multipliers, the options are 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x or even 1000x. The staking possibilities are from 1 token to 100 tokens. They claim the game is provably fair and has a 0 (zero) house edge. Compared to the casino games which have 50-50 chance like roulette black and red betting, the zero house edge game should be pure gold for gamblers.

3. System explained

Most YouTube videos what you may have seen use The Martingale betting system. It means every time you lose, you double up your stake so that the first win covers all the losses. This is an old (maybe even the oldest) betting system and has been around for centuries.  It was (and still is) widely used betting system in casino games such as roulette where you can bet on black/red or odd/even.

Example 1: You bet 1 token on low. If your bet wins, you collect 2 tokens (1 for win and 1 as a stake). But if your bet loses, you double up stake amount which will be 2.

Example 2: You bet 3 tokens on high. Again, if you win you collect 6 tokens (3 for win and 3 as your stake). On the loss, you double up your stake. In this case, it will be 6.

4. Putting the system to test

First things first. All those trick videos what I have watched don’t use X number of rolls. They all play the multiplier game X number of minutes. That’s complete nonsense to claim that their system work. By X number of rolls I mean they should have for example 100, 1000 or 10000 rolls to make some claims. The X number of rolls will show us how often will high or low occur. Let’s make an example so we can have a clearer picture.


So, let’s say we roll 100 times, or ok even 100 000 times. The outcome of high and low should be 50-50, right? WRONG! It’s not working like that. It’s basically impossible to get true randomness. There is no 0 point from where we can start making expectations that from now next 100 or 1000 rolls will be perfectly balanced 50-50. Every roll is independent of the previous roll.

There is no memory or pattern to follow, it’s just an RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm. And believe me, that RNG algorithm is solid. I’m not claiming that it can’t be cracked, but it will be hard. You would need to have an algorithm seed for that. But this is another topic for other experts to write about.

So basically, it means you can roll 10 times in a row low numbers and every time bet on a high number. This doesn’t guarantee that the 11 times you will roll high number. It’s just how RNG works. Even if there will be in the future such a video where is X number of rolls and the starting balance will be in profit, it will be pure luck for that player.

The second and the MAIN reason why these types of systems don’t work is that you need a massive number of tokens to cover your losses. With this kind of doubling system, your balance will be wiped out faster than you can blink your eyes if you have low token balance and hit a losing streak. Look at the table to see how much tokens you need to play this system.

Bet Nr.Stake
1 1 99 499 999 2499 4999 999999999 999999
2 2 97 497 997 2497 4997 9997 99997999997
3 4 93 493 993 2493 4993 9993 99993999993
4 8 85 485 985 2485 4985 9985 99985999985
5 16 69 469 969 2469 4969 9969 99969999969
6 32 37 437 937 2437 4937 9937 99937 999937
7 64 -27 373 873 2373 4873 9873 99873 999873
8 128   245 745 2245 4745 9745 99745 999745
9 256   -11 489 1989 4489 9489 99489 999489
10 512    23 1477 3977 8977 98977 998977
11 1024       453 2953 7953 97953 997953
12 2048      1595 905 5905 95905 995905
13 4096        3191 1809 91809 991809
14 8192          6383 83617 983617
15 16384             67233 967233
16 32768             34465 934465
17 65536            31071 868929
18 131072               737857
19 262144               475713
20 524288              48575

Coinpot multiplier cheat sheet

As you can see in the table above, it’s completely pointless to follow that strategy. You can easily have unlucky day and roll 20 times low or high outcome and your 1 million Coinpot balance goes to zero. For example, if a player has 1000 (1k) tokens and follows this strategy, then on Bet nr. 9 he needs to stake 256 tokens to win 1 token (+previous losses). Or with a bankroll of 100k you need to bet 32 768 tokens to win 1 (+previous losses). Doesn’t make much sense risk this kind number of tokens to win just 1.

I have personally tested this out. I started with 663 tokens, bet on a high outcome and hit a 9-time losing streak. Here is a proof of that losing streak. Don’t try this at home as they say. Start watching pictures from bottom to top. The last win was 32 tokens and then straight to zero.

5. Verdict

So, is this system working at the end of the day? Absolutely its working, -its working perfectly if you want to lose your tokens. Believe me, every system is guaranteed to fail eventually. Let me put that way. If those systems had worked, would Coinpot be still in business? They had been gone for good long time ago. Think about yourself what damage those 100% guaranteed working systems had done. Let’s do one last calculation to paint a picture of what kind of damage we are talking about.

On the YouTube video, there is a player who has a 1 796 505 token bankroll. He uses 100 token stakes and about 2:20 minutes later he has won about 6284 tokens. So, if it was 100% working system, then damage done only by this player alone would look like this:

Using a 100 token stake and playing the whole hour would net him 171 381 token profit. 1 hour divided by session and multiplying token amount won on a session (60/2.2×6284). This amount of tokens equals about 413 030 satoshis (at the time of writing 1 Coinpot token = 2.41 satoshis). To go even further, 413 030 satoshis is 0.00413030 Bitcoin and that is at a current Bitcoin price (4068 USD) 16.80 USD. For a 1 hour of play, you get 16.80 USD. Not bad at all! Imagine what your monthly income would be.

For sure it’s better than going to work! But one questions disturbs me.Would you have revealed your golden strategy if that was you? I didn’t think so. Why kill a goose who lays golden eggs, right?

Don’t waste your tokens by trying to beat the system. If you don’t know what to do with them, you can read my article Coinpot tokens explained. I analyze in that article whats the best way to earn Coinpot tokens and what is most profitable way to convert them.