Cointiply faucet. Is it worth the time?

1. Cointiply, highest paying faucet?

Cointiply has been around over 1 year and has proven to be one of the top newcomers. Currently, it’s the top Bitcoin faucet what I have found and experienced. It has a good loyalty bonus scheme, they pay interest to your balance, you can do multiple times offers, plus you get paid for playing games. There is no doubt that you can’t find better faucet currently.

2. About earnings

The easiest way to build up your bankroll at Cointiply is to do offers. The easiest trick to earn is to watch videos. You can read my post How to earn fast at Cointiply where I explain how it can be done.

The second easy way is to “play” games. I explain more deeply about that in Games section.

And you have also an option to multiply your tokens. But, I would stay away from that game if I was you. The odds for winning are not favorable. The only way to increase odds is that you must have referrals and then your odds go up.

There are many many other ways to earn coins, but I will stick to only most profitable ways and which doesn’t require much time and effort.

3. Loyalty bonus

The loyalty bonus scheme is perfect, I like it. It’s stable and there are no surprises in earnings like Coinpot faucets have. As you can see on the screenshot below, I have been active over 1 month and everyday collection multiple times.

My Cointiply activity

This is especially important because every hour when you make a claim from the faucet the bonus amount will be added to the balance.

This bonus is only for faucet claims, it’s not working with games or offers. As you see, you can 17+9 Cointiply coins, which equals roughly about 50 satoshis. At the time of writing, 1 Cointiply coin equals 1.9 satoshis.

Every claim you get bonus coins

The only thing to remember is that you must be active daily. Because if you miss collecting 1 day, then your loyalty bonus goes to zero and all your hard work will be worth nothing. As happened to me.

4. Games

Earning coins by playing games

Games are the second easiest way to earn coins. You just simply pick a game you like to play, and you earn coins, simple and easy. But there is a 1 little trick. By playing I mean you just open some game and let it run in the background. When the bar is filled up you get paid. You can expect about 16 Cointiply coins (32 satoshis) every 30-45 minutes. It depends on the game that you choose. It’s better to choose a game where is no time limit, so it doesn’t require any action from you when the time is up.

5. Get paid weekly interest

On big advantage over other bitcoin faucets what Cointiply has is the weekly interest bonus. You will earn 5% annual interest. It is a little bit higher what offers (4.08%) and that makes Cointiply superior over

 The amount what you will get of course depends on how many coins you have. To receive weekly interest bonus you must have 35 000 Cointiply coins, not satoshis.

In my case, I earned weekly almost 0.1% (48 coins) interest on my 49 146 Cointiply coins (85 905 satoshis). It’s not much, but definitely better than nothing.

Weekly interest

6. Should you deposit to Cointiply?

Well, that depends on you and how you like to spend your time. Do you want to claim every hour and complete offers, or you want to start quickly earning interest on your balance?

Depositing to Cointiply is totally safe. I have personally made 3 deposits from my other faucets and they all come thru and there were no problems at all. It takes about 3 to 6 hours.

Deposits to Cointiply

So why you want to deposit you may ask? It can take some time to build up your Cointiply balance and reach 35 000 coins, so that’s why I deposited. Plus, I want to make sure are they legit bitcoin faucet or not.

7. Can you receive your money after withdrawing?

Yes, I can say with 100% confidence that you will receive your earning if you make withdrawals. Currently, Cointiply has no fees for withdrawals, but I suspect it can change in the future. The only thing to consider is to what wallet you want to withdraw. There are 3 options for doing this.

Option one

You can withdraw to your personal Bitcoin wallet, you just need to have 100 000 Cointiply coins (roughly 0.002 BTC) to do that. If you don’t have yet Bitcoin wallet use google it.

Option two

If you have a Dogecoin wallet and the balance of your Cointiply coins is minimum 50 000 (about 0.001 BTC), then you can do this.

Option three

This is the easiest solution for all of them. Cointiply offers also withdrawals to Faucethub wallet. The minimum amount required is only 35 000 Coins (about 70 000 satoshis).

So, as you see there are many options for withdrawals. Just a side note that I personally used the third solution. I can’t guarantee that the first 2 options work for 100%, but I believe they should.

Withdrawal to Faucethub

8. My opinion on Cointiply

The minimum withdraw is a bit too high, compared to other TOP faucets like for example Usually, faucets have around 30 000 satoshis on average minimum withdraw the amount. So this can be the hardest part, collecting 35 000 Cointiply coins (NOT SATOSHIS) if you decide not to deposit there. If you lucky enough and can complete some offers from offer walls, then you can get those coins pretty fast. As I mentioned before, I don’t like to do those offers, because there is always some error or something not working. So, I prefer to find other ways.

But anyways, I find that Cointiply is a must have bitcoin faucet if you are starting with cryptocurrencies and want to get free bitcoins. It is a solid and legit faucet, no problems with withdrawals and deposits.